Blikopeners Global Collaborations February 5th, 2014

Artist in Residence: Bernard Akoi- Jackson (part 1)

As part of its three-year Global Collaborations program, the Stedelijk Museum has invited the Ghanaian artist Bernard Akoi-Jackson to be an artist in residence. In collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum’s Blikopeners, Akoi-Jackson will spend the next year developing a project on such themes as culture and identity. The Blikopeners are young people, peer educators of 15–19 years old, with a fresh perspective on art. They represent a wide variety of backgrounds, study a range of different courses and come from all over the Greater Amsterdam area. The Blikopeners give guided tours and advice about all aspects of the Stedelijk Museum. Bram Verhoef, an up-and-coming art professional, interviewed Akoi-Jackson to learn more about his plans.


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