Global Positions Global Positions February 25th, 2015

Art in a Glocal Context: Interview with Zoran Eric

On February 6, the third exhibition in the Global Positions series opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCAB) in Belgrade, Serbia. This time, the exhibition is a solo presentation by Amsterdam-based artist Zachary Formwalt, entitled Three Exchanges, which consists of three interrelated video works exploring the often-invisible impact of global capitalism. The Global Positions exhibitions are developed from collaborations between the SMBA and like-minded art institutions around the world. The first in the series, Made in Commons, resulted from an exchange with the KUNCI cultural centre in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and the second established a relationship between the art scenes in Beirut and Amsterdam. 

Art historian Steyn Bergs interviews the MoCAB’s chief curator Zoran Erić about the meaning of Formwalt’s installation in a former communist country, Serbia’s ‘in-between’ position in terms of the postcolonial discourse and the value of institutional collaborations.

MoCA, Belgrade, 2015

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Uncategorized February 5th, 2015

Global Positions III Zachary Formwalt – Three Exchanges

Yesterday, the exhibition Three Exchanges, a solo-presentation by Amsterdam based artist Zachary Formwalt opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. The exhibition is the third episode in the exhibition series Global Positions, part of the Stedelijk Museum’s Global Collaborations program, and was previously on view at the SMBA from November 27, 2014 till January 25, 2015.

Global Collaborations editor Christel Vesters visited the exhibition which consists of three interrelated video works exploring the often-invisible impact of global capitalism, and talked to Zachary Formwalt about the two stock exchanges that figure in the exhibition and the connections between socialism and capitalism they represent; the extensive research that is at the basis of his works, the ‘imagery and imaginary of global capitalism’ and the telling synchronicities that emerge between the discourse on photography and global trading.

In Light of the Arc, Zachary Formwalt, 2013

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