Global Positions April 28th, 2015

Bound by our own Times, Globally and Locally. This is the Time Revisited – Beirut

In its second iteration of the Global Collaborations project, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA) and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam collaborate with the American University of Beirut (AUB) Art Galleries to bring together art from Beirut and Amsterdam. Taking artistic practices from both contexts as a starting point, the exhibition explores the understanding of temporality in today’s world. Entitled This is the Time. This is the Record of the Time, the exhibition is on view from March 26 – July 25 at the AUB Byblos Bank Gallery, after showing at the SMBA last September. Co-curator Angela Harutyunyan discusses the exhibition in relation to global art, the art scene in Beirut, and the role of art today.

"This is the Time. This is the Record of the Time" exhibition, Beirut, 2015

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