Author: Kerstin Winking

Global Collaborations December 1st, 2015

Amol Kisan Patil about Sweep Walking

Amol Kisan Patil is one of the artists participating in the group exhibition Kamarado, which was on view at the SMBA from September 12 until November 9, 2015. The exhibition is part of a series of collaborative projects within the framework of the three-year program Global Collaborations.

As part of the Kamarado project, the Global Collaborations Online editorial team has interviewed several of the exhibiting artists in order to unpack some of the historical complexities that run through their works and the exhibition. Co-curator Kerstin Winking spoke with Amol K Patil about his work Sweep Walking, Indian middle class life and the legacy of his father and grandfather.

Amol K Patil, Sweep Walking, 2015

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Indonesia: A Travelogue

In late November, the first exhibition of the multiyear Global Collaborations project opens to the public. The group exhibition, Made in Commons, is the result of intensive collaboration with the KUNCI Cultural Studies Center in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Project curator Kerstin Winking traveled to Indonesia in August to visit the participating artists there. During her trip, with stops in Jakarta, Bandung, Jatiwangi and Yogyakarta, Kerstin was accompanied by KUNCI curator Syafiatudina (Dina) and the Dutch artist Vincent Vulsma, who was carrying out research for his own contribution to Made in Commons. This is Kerstin’s report.

Talking Commons at KUNCI, Yogyakarta

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