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Inverted Night Sky: A Conversation with Jeronimo Voss

Artist Jeronimo Voss was one of the participants in the exhibition Kamarado, which was on view in the SMBA this Fall. The exhibition is part of a series of collaborative projects within the framework of the three-year program Global Collaborations. As part of the Kamarado project, the Global Collaborations Online editorial team has interviewed several of the exhibiting artists in order to unpack some of the historical complexities that run through their works and the exhibition. Assistant Manon van den Bliek and Global Collaborations editor Christel Vesters attended Inverted Night Sky, the special event organized during the Museumnacht 2015 and spoke with Jeronimo Voss about his research.

Detail of an isophotic map of the Milky Way by Anton Pannekoek from 1927 (research material for Aspects of the Milky Way by Jeronimo Voss)

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